123 Painting Pros is an Interior and Exterior Painting company where we prioritize customer satisfation and high quality work.

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Interior Painting

123 Painting Pros can handle any interior painting project. We do all required prep work, necessary wall repairs, priming, final coating and all cleanup. Our entire crew are trained to leave your home spotless.

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Exterior Painting

Let 123 Painting Pros make your home look brand new again. We will go above and beyond to do all preparation and pre-washing your home so you have less things to worry about!

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Gutter Cleaning

Need to have your house's gutter cleaned? We can handle it. We employ the safest, gentlest techniques, making sure to never damage your gutters. All leaves will be gone, leaving your gutters spotless and ready for any weather!

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About Us

At 123 Painting Pros, we focus on making sure the details of every interior or exterior project are completed according to our clients' specifications.

We are well aware and recognize that getting your house painted is not an everyday occurrence. There are certain preparations that need to happen to ensure your project goes smoothly and according to your expectations. We make sure all our clients are well informed so we can co-create the painting experience for your house.

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Why Choose Us

Wendell H.

Very nice people, polite and respectful. Good clean up after the job as well

Peter W.

Great Experience. Excellent Crew, Professional Painters that are on time and work extremly well. They Delivered quality workmanship for an excellent price. Clean, Honest and Dependable. Highly recommend 123 Painting Pros for all your painting needs. Our House Looks Great!!!

Rosemarie O.

I would highly recommend 123 Painting Pro for your painting needs. Tom and his staff were very pleasant and took pride in their work. We had the exterior painted and the house looks amazing. Tom was here everyday checking up on the job and always discussed the progress with us. A very seasoned group of guys who were meticulous. Definitely recommend them.

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How much paint will I need for my project?

123 Painting Pros will provide all necessary equipment and paint for your house painting project. However, the exact amount of paint will depend on several things, including the size of your walls, whether you want to paint your ceilings and doors, whether you’re interested in interior or exterior house painting, and many more. Generally you can plan to paint about 350 square feet per gallon of paint, but the specific nature of your project may lower or raise this estimate.

What colors should I use?

We offer an enormous variety of color options for your house painting project so pretty much any color scheme you’re interested in is available. In general, it’s wise to use lighter colors for interior painting as they brighten the room, and create the illusion of more space. On exterior house painting assignments it’s often worth considering fixed colors in your homes appearance, like the roof and any visible stone or brick work. Color schemes are best when they are planned with these points of matching in mind.

The nationwide network of house painting contractors that makes up 123 Painting Pros is one of the most dependable and high quality organizations in the field of house painting and contracting right now. With expertise in both interior and exterior painting techniques, 123 Painting Pros offers all the skill and know-how you’ll need to have your dream of a bright, rejuvenated home brought to reality. In fact, to prove it to you we’re now offering a completely free estimate for your project, no matter if you’re just interested in interior painting tips or full exterior painting cost quotes, we invite you to take this opportunity to consult with our local painting contractors who are trained and experienced in nearly all forms of house painting. But before you do, take a moment to learn about what we offer and how we perform with these brief overviews of some of our most popular services:

Interior House Painting Projects

Applying a new color scheme or even just redoing your current one can bring tons of new light and energy into your home and is one of the most visually obvious ways to renovate your house. That’s why when our painting contractors perform an interior paint project they take special care to protect your belongings and deliver results which hold up under even the most scrutinizing eye.

All 123 Painting Pros interior house painting work begins with thorough prep work. During this time our painters and contractors fully measure the surfaces involved, gather the material necessary, and remove or protect any furniture or property in the room being worked on. They then will lay thick drop cloths to protect your floors from the inevitable paint spills which will occur. After that, you can expect your painting contractor to clean, spackle, sand, and prime the walls to create a suitable surface to apply paint to. During this time they may also apply painter’s tape or use an interior painting technique known as “cutting in” to provide a border for work space, separating things like your ceiling or trim from the area to be coated. Only after all this is done will our painting contractors begin applying your selected shade of paint to the walls using brushes and rollers, where appropriate. Once the paint has settled it is often best to apply a second coat to ensure the lastability of the work and to protect it from fading and damage.

Exterior House Painting Projects

Any exterior painting work that’s going to last must start with a complete washing and scraping of the house paint that you currently have, however this is just the first step in a lengthy process of exterior painting preparation. 123 Painting Pros contractors will usually use power washers to begin this process as they very effectively remove debris, dirt, and mildew from the walls and will always start this process by laying drop cloths to protect your plants and soil from any falling debris or damage from the high-powered water. Then, our residential painting contractors will perform a thorough scraping of the old house paint using either a power grinder, a series of sanders, or an old fashioned heating gun and hand tool. Each of these methods has its benefits and its detriments, which our specialized exterior painting experts will weigh for your specific case. In whatever case, this step will require further protective measures particularly if your exterior painting contractors detect lead in your paint. After that, our contractors will perform another round of sanding on the exposed surface just to eliminate any roughness or remnants of old paint which could interfere with the application of your new exterior house paint colors. This will be followed by a meticulous round of patches and repairs to any damaged wood that’s found, including things like cracks and rotting material. Only after all that will the professional house painters from 123 Painting Pros begin applying primer and paint to your homes exterior. Painting is then typically a speedy process as the contractors contend with the weather and other variables which can affect the end result of your exterior house painting project.

All this preparation work must be performed thoroughly to ensure your new exterior house paint lasts as long as it can, and stays as beautiful as possible. Fortunately the professional painting contractors of 123 Painting Pros have got the experience to turn this process into a science, guaranteeing our clients the best exterior house painting results possible.